I want all of Ward 2 to know what I believe, where my values lie and what I pledge to do for this community if re-elected.

Your Tax Dollars:

I will work to continue ensuring residents receive essential services and resources which provide good value for our tax dollars.

It is important to protect and grow our industrial tax base, respecting the Industrial Heartland as key to keeping our taxes in check. It’s about supporting the industry and commerce that already exists and promoting future development that ties into this infrastructure. This is what will ultimately help augment our tax base.  I will protect our investment and fight any attempts by the provincial government to reduce it.

It is imperative to keep in mind however, that any future development, industrial or otherwise, needs to be sustainable and it also needs to be something Strathcona County residents want. I will always advocate for what is important to my residents.

Emergency Medical Service:

Continued support of our Emergency Medical Services is essential to the safety of our residents and the well-being of generations to come. Continued support of the cross training of our Fire Department and EMS teams is critical to our County as we have yet to receive a fully-functional hospital that allows for ongoing in-patient care. Having individuals who can respond to your medical needs and provide lifesaving emergency care on the way to a major medical centre is critical. Where health and wellness are concerned, there are no shortcuts; more than ever there is a dire need for support in this sector, support that I will do my absolute best to ensure. I will also continue my advocacy to the Province to ensure the safety and well being of residents.

Affordable Housing:

I believe we need to provide affordable options for families and seniors. We need non-market housing options moving into the future so people from all socio-economic backgrounds can afford to live and age in our community. It’s about diversity, affordability and ensuring that no one is left without a home.

Youth and Seniors Need to be Heard:

I want to see our Youth Advisory Committee (YAC), Seniors Advisory Committee (SAC) and the Accessibility Committee (AC) back in action. It is important that these groups have a voice in our community, and I want to make sure Council hears it. I truly believe in the Community Living Advisory Committee; however, it is unable to accurately reflect the needs of these individual groups because of its much broader perspective.  YAC, SAC and AC need to make a comeback in order to give these groups fair representation in our community.