Dave Anderson


Since first being elected in 2013, I have diligently worked to serve the people of Ward 2 to the best of my abilities. If elected again, I will continue to work for your benefit, fight to make our neighborhoods better, and our communities stronger.

I have called Strathcona County my home now for 14 years, and that is one of the reasons why I am so invested in its growth and ultimate prosperity. My wife Colleen and I are raising our three daughters here; we’ve been involved with schools, participated in local events and know how important resources are to our community.

Of course, during my tenure thus far as Councillor, I have made every effort to get involved in all aspects of community life. A member of the RCMP Committee, I have addressed critical issues centering on the safety of our residents and the overall integrity of our community.

In 2016, I was appointed to Strathcona County’s Community Living Advisory Committee (CLAC). Perhaps one of the most important endeavors in our County, working with the CLAC provides opportunities to directly address a diverse array of needs and deal directly with the people affected.

I have also given Strathcona County and Ward 2 a voice at a regional level through my work on the Capital Region Transit Board, Alberta Capital Region Waste Water Commission and the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association’s Safe and Healthy Communities Committee. Advocacy at these levels is important to the continued growth of our community.

I love this community and have always strived to do that little bit extra that make a difference in our community today. Through my initiative Food-4-Food, I’ve brought local businesses and residents together in support of the Strathcona Food Bank. This initiative has generated over $3,000 in donations and collected more than 19,000 lbs of food. In 2016, I sought to put a focus on healthy living through a community-wide endeavor, “Be Caught Being Active”.  For this effort, I was presented with the 2016 Choose Well Leadership Award from Alberta Recreation and Parks.

As a local small business owner and a former transit safety inspector and operator, I am as much a working member of this County as I am a Councillor. I will always listen and act upon what residents feel are priorities to them.  I will always strive to be active in all aspects of community life and put my residents’ thoughts and concerns first.

In many ways, this is what my whole term has been about—being open and available to my constituents. You elected me because I was a regular community member who wanted to make a difference. I am and always will be accessible to the people of Ward 2.


Because Strathcona County is My Home, and this Community is Important…

Over the course of the last four years, I have worked diligently to prove myself to my constituents. My goal was and always will be to understand where you stand, what you want from your community and how you expect your Councillor to perform. One of the achievements I am most proud of is that I have been available and accessible to my residents. I will continue this level of accessibility in my next term.

From my Food-4-Food initiative, to my championing of Strathcona’s small businesses, to my work with our area’s parks and recreational facilities, I look forward to continuing to serve you and advocate for you.