Where do you stand


  • Where do you stand when it comes to how our youth and seniors are supported within the community?


  • What is your position on preserving the character and beauty of Strathcona County’s neighborhoods?


  • How important to you is promoting our region’s small businesses?


  • And how do you feel about the level of services you receive for your tax dollars?


I ask these questions because after all, an election is about your beliefs and what you want to see done. You want to know that your Councillor is serving the needs of the community, that he/she is listening and acting based upon what they hear. You want to know that they are in tune with where you stand.

This is where I stand on these key issues.

Creating A Better Community

“I have known Dave Anderson for 5 years. In that time I’ve known Dave to be a fair and honest individual who thoughtfully weighs decisions based on the best outcome for this community. In his role as Councillor and Vice Chair of Saffron I have often seen Dave as a peace maker and consensus builder. Dave’s can-do attitude and willingness to put himself out there to create positive change for our community are just a few of the reasons I do not hesitate to support him.”

Mike Shellenbergh

“Councillor Dave Anderson and I have crossed paths numerous times over his term. Both of us were on the Seniors Advisory Committee and during that time I was impressed by his understanding and commitment to senior’s issues. He has also displayed the ability to listen, internally process and then respond which I find a good attribute.”

Marcus Schwabe

“Dave is a committed and dedicated Councillor striving at all times to serve his Ward and Strathcona County residents with the highest level of service at all times. A committed family man, he knows the value of family and the need for services in the County to serve the family. A vote for Dave is a vote for a progressive, forward thinking person and it is my great pleasure to support Dave in his bid for re-election.”

Peter Wlodarczak

Former Ward 4 Councillor, RCMP (Retired)

Dave has done an excellent job standing up for residents and their concerns in Ward 2. As a current Ward 2 resident I have witnessed his dedication to the position through his work in resolving local issues in a timely fashion that I’ve brought to his attention. He has proven that he can effectively work with all three levels of government and has been a great example of what it takes to be a municipal leader. I support Dave without hesitation and know he will continue to effectively advocate for the needs of residents in Ward 2

Garnett Genius

I’ve had the honour and privilege of working with Councillor Anderson this term and can attest to his strong work ethic along with careful consideration of all issues placed before him. We have enjoyed a collegial relationship where we can bounce ideas off of one another and he strives to be a team player within council. He speaks honestly and from the heart and always conducts himself with the residents in mind and is sensitive to their needs.

Bonnie Riddell

“Thank you for being there throughout the traffic calming sessions. You listened to our neighbours and us for what we wanted and went to bat for us. We had an ice and snow issue this past winter and you were right there to see how we could resolve the problem and you got it taken care of immediately. Any time we have had any questions, you have promptly replied by email, phone or a visit at the door within 24 hours. You have proven your dedication to improving the lives of not just the residents of this ward but to all Sherwood Park residents. We have and will continue to recommend you for ward 2 in Strathcona County.”

Bob & Julie Leach

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